New evening classes

Morning class 2018

The school is now offering morning classes and evening classes to target different student populations. The new evening classes are very attractive for students who have a regular job and the desire to obtain additional professional training in electricity that allows them to pass the Ghanaian Energy Commission examination. Currently...

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Start of a new course to prepare students for the Energy commission examination

Anita Dey

This year the Lady Volta Vocational Center comes yet another step closer to our vision by stepping up our competencies and by offering courses at a higher level. In January the school started a new course to prepare students for the Ghanaian Energy commission examination. Several of our previous students who...

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10 of our students took NVTI examinations in electricity


In 2017 our vocational center trained 10 students for different trade levels of the Ghanian National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) examination in electricity that took place in November/December 2017. Another 3 students have been prepared for the NVTI foundation and proficiency examinations in fashion design. We hope that our students...

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All of our students registered to the NVTI foundation exams successfully passed their tests!

Evelyn is one of our first students and we are so proud of what she achieved!

The National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) foundations exam certificates finally arrived. The exams took place in November/December 2016 and 8 students passed various trade levels of the official Ghanaian NVTI. So proud of our students and teachers! Click here to see pictures some of the certificates issued by the Ghanian...

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