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Belinda Quarcoo – 2017/2018 student

I enjoyed the electrical and solar program. One thing I discovered about the centre was that it is particularly tailored to empower women to achieve the philosohy of the centre which is “what a man can do, a women can also do”.

Believe Agbo – 2017/2018 student

I really enjoyed my time at the centre as I acquired knowledge about electricals and I am able to undertake basic eleclectrical repairs at home. I also enjoyed the entrepreneurship lessons at the centre.

Anita Dey – 2017/2018 student

In 2017 a renovation work was undertaken in my house. After the renovation works, all the electrical work done in our kitchen was destroyed. I was able to succesfully do the wiring for our kitchen and it works fine. With these newly acquired skills, I can either become self employed or work in an electrical…

Mary Adenyehia – 2017/2018 student

In line with my personal objectives, the centre had given me practical skills in electrical repairs and domestic house wiring. I can also undertake undertake domestic house wiring. With these skill, I can achieve my aim of working with the Electricity Company of Ghana.

Mary Adenyehia – 2017/2018 student

My curiosity to know more about electricals made me enroll at the Lady Volta Vocational Centre.The approach used for teaching at the centre was what I enjoyed most about the centre.

Belinda Quarcoo – 2017/2018 student

I can now compete with men having certificate in General Electrical Foundation in my country for any position. With the certificate and skills I have acquired, I have the chance to gain employment in the government sector of my country to earn a living.

Belinda Quarcoo – 2017/2018 student

I decided to become part of the Lady Volta Vocational Centre inorder to add value to myself. The Centre was not charging any fees for its services, which I knew was a rare opportunity to come by. I decided to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.